California Marijuana Laws 2018 [infographic]

The top 7 California Marijuana laws that you need to know.

There is a lot of misformation about the California Marijuana Law that will be in affect soon. We conducted a survey to find out what laws people care about most. Below were at the top of the list.

California Marijuana laws 2018
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Palm Springs Life Top Lawyers 2017

Palm Springs Top Lawyers 2017 - Criminal Defense Category

“Criminal Defense” Category

Attorneys John Jimenez and Jessica Jimenez are honored to have been awarded the title of Top Lawyers in Palm Springs for 2017. They will be listed in the Top Lawyers issue of Palm Springs Life Magazine later this month in the Criminal Defense category. A private reception will be held on June 22nd at Coda Gallery on El Paseo in Palm Desert.

Since arriving in the Coachella Valley from San Diego, John Jimenez has been named among the Top Lawyers in Palm Springs 9 consecutive times.


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Competency of Murder Suspect John Hernandez Felix

26yr. old convicted felon John Hernandez Felix is on trial for the murder of 2 Palm Springs police officers Lesley Zerebny and Jose “Gil” Vega, 63. He is charged with two counts of first-degree murder with the special circumstances and murder of a police officer in the line of duty.

After a preliminary hearing, the suspects understanding of the court proceedings is in question. Future hearings have been pushed back and a court appointed psychiatrist has been assigned.

Watch the local KMIR segment below as John Jimenez explains the procedure for suspending court proceedings based on a person’s competency.

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2016 Top Criminal Defense Attorney by Inland Empire Magazine

Top Criminal Defense Attorney in Inland Empire

Jimenez Law Offices is honored to have been selected among 2016 Top Lawyers in Criminal Defense by Inland Empire Magazine.

Whether it is a DUI in Palm Desert, fraud case in Palm Springs, or a murder defense in the Inland Empire, the attorneys at Jimenez Law Offices are passionate about advocating for their clients.



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I was just arrested for a DUI in Palm Desert.

We often get calls with these questions. “I was just arrested for a DUI in Palm Desert. What happens now? What should I do? I’m scared.”

You should not be scared as to what will happen to you now. You need to have your wits about you to deal with the potentially long process that you are now looking at. You need to consult with a good, experienced Palm Desert criminal defense attorney who regularly handles DUI case. A lawyer who handles all types of criminal cases in the Indio courthouse will be the best to look for. This type of lawyer will not only know the DUI laws and local (Palm Springs) DMV license suspension hearing procedures, but will also have a lot of knowledge about how the court system works for a Palm Desert DUI arrestee.

One of the differences between a DUI arrest in Palm Desert as opposed to a DUI arrest in Palm Springs, Indio or Cathedral City is with the police agency that has arrested you.

One of the differences between a DUI arrest in Palm Desert as opposed to a DUI arrest in Palm Springs, Indio or Cathedral City is with the police agency that has arrested you. Those cities each have their own police departments. Whereas, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Coachella, Thousand Palms, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells and Desert Hot Springs have contracts with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office (RSO) to provide law enforcement for their cities.

Be aware though that the California Highway Patrol (CHP) out of their Indio office are very active on the surface streets of Palm Desert after dark specifically looking for DUI drivers. Do not drive on Washington Street, Highway 111, Cook Street or Monterey in Palm Desert after dark if you have been drinking alcohol, as these are the streets most commonly patrolled by CHP in Palm Desert.

You can be stopped on less traveled surface streets, but it is not as likely. The difference to you as to whether you are stopped by the CHP or the RSO in Palm Desert is that if you are arrested for a DUI by the CHP, they are very well trained (most of them, anyway) in how to make a DUI arrest and how to properly document the arrest in the written reports that are required by DMV and the district attorney’s office to prosecute you. The other non-CHP police agencies are not as well trained and do not do as many DUI arrests as the CHP. So, their arrest procedures and report writing are usually not done as well and they make more mistakes in these areas that can be used to your advantage by a good DUI lawyer.

What happens when you are arrested for a DUI in Palm Desert

If you are arrested for a DUI in Palm Desert or any part of the State of California, the arresting officer has the right to immediately seize your driver’s license card and they must then give you a paper (form DS-367, pink in color) that will serve as your temporary license for the next 30 days, at least. In effect, the police officer is making the decision, with the authority of the DMV behind him, to suspend your license for a 4 month period. Although few people actually read the fine print on the DS-367, it does contain important information concerning your right to request an Administrative Per Se (APS) hearing with the DMV to contest the license suspension. What the fine print says is that you have 10 days from the date of your arrest to call the DMV Drivers Safety Office to request and schedule the APS hearing. If you do not make that call within the 10 calendar days allowed, you have lost your right to the hearing and your license suspension will be effective 30 days from the date of your arrest.

Suspended License

The suspension will last for at least 4 months. There are certain things you must do at the end of the 4 month suspension period to have your license reinstated. This action taken by DMV is completely separate and independent from what may occur in a court case that may be filed as a result of your Palm Desert arrest.

If you are arrested for a DUI in Palm Desert, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to consult with and retain the best DUI lawyers available in Palm Desert… Jimenez Law Office, The Desert Defenders!

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Jimenez Law Offices Joins the National College for DUI Defense

Jimenez Law Offices has been been approved as a General Member of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD).

NCDD is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the dissemination of information about DUI Defense Law as a specialty and certifies its members that exemplify the programs standards and criteria established by the Board of Regents. This includes a broad knowledge of the science involved in the testing of intoxicants, extensive experience in pre-trial litigation and the trying of DUI cases.

As a member, Jimenez Law Offices will have access to a members-only online repository of scientific articles, blog and more that will aid in the ever changing world of DUI litigation.

NCDD National College for DUI Defense: John Jimenez


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Domestic Violence, Guns and You

It is becoming more and more evident to me that that there a lot more people who are getting caught up now in the criminal justice system, who shouldn’t be here. When I say more people now, I mean people who have never been arrested before in their lives, and who 10 or 20 years ago would not have even been arrested for what they are being arrested for now. Why is that?

Are people becoming more careless with their behavior?

No, that’s not it.

I believe that the police, prosecution and judges are becoming more willing to subject someone to the pain, agony and economic suffering that goes along with an arrest, without regard to what the actual consequences may be to that individual. Our society as a whole is generally moving to a let’s-blame-the-other-guy attitude to make these finger-pointers feel better about their own problems and frustrations.

For example, domestic violence laws that are meant to protect actual victims, have gone way over the top to now punish someone who may not have actually committed a crime, but who is believed to have the potential to commit a crime. Every year we see more and more laws enacted to restrict one’s constitutional 2nd Amendment right to possess a firearm, as one of many knee-jerk reactions to a shooting somewhere far away that is committed by a mentally unstable person, usually. So, rather than look for the real cause of the mental instability or the socio-economic factors that may have led to the instability, and then deal with those causes, the government rather decides that guns kill people, not that people kill people. This has resulted in laws in California that say you cannot own or possess a firearm if a domestic violence temporary restraining order has been issued against you. Note that I said “temporary”. This means that if you raise your voice against your spouse, the neighbor calls 911 to report a domestic disturbance, the police come to investigate and you are arrested because the police want to separate you and your spouse until things cool down, then a temporary restraining order may be issued against you if the police believe that it is the thing that they recommend be done. BOOM! You now have 24 hours from being served with that temporary restraining order to sell or store your guns with a gun dealer and show the court proof of the sale or storing of the guns within 48 hours, or you may be charged with a new offense of violating the court’s order.

Even if your spouse says nothing happened and she doesn’t want you arrested, once the police are called, it is out of his or her hands.

So, why have things changed so much?

Why are good people who would not have been subjected to such consequences just a few years ago, now being put in these terrible situations?

I believe that it is all about money. Another knee-jerk government reaction to some tragedy in some other part of the country is to disperse more money for punishment….not education, punishment! Police departments and prosecutor offices are offered grant money for domestic violence and gun control programs. How do they get that money? By showing statistically, there is a local problem that requires money to fix. How do they get those statistics? By arresting as many people for those offenses as they can…whether that arrest will actually result in a criminal prosecution in court or not. Then, if they get that money, they must justify receiving it by showing that they are making even more arrests…again, whether those arrests result in a case going to court or not.

We can help you avoid such a case going to court, and if it does, we can help you beat that bogus case and get your constitutional rights restored to you!

Call us any time of day or night 760-345-4777.

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“Jessica was able to get a great deal for me with the courts in California.”

Jessica was very helpful and was able to get a great deal for me with the courts in California. I live in a different state and she did a lot of work for me without me ever getting to meet her, which was a great thing. Highly recommended.

Austin via

“Jessica was able to get a great deal for me with the courts in California.” 2016-01-08T14:26:44+00:00

“Extremely satisfied with the legal performance by Jessica Jimenez”

I am extremely satisfied with the legal performance provided by Jessica Jimenez and the Jimenez Law Group in general.

My case was handled with the professional expertise that one would expect when hiring an attorney. The end result was better than anticipated.

I would highly recommend Jessica Jimenez for legal assistance.

Jeffrey via

“Extremely satisfied with the legal performance by Jessica Jimenez” 2016-01-08T14:07:02+00:00
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