Coachella Music Festivals, You and the Cops, 2019 version

Everything that we told you in Parts 1, 2 and 3 of our Coachella Fest series is still true for this year.

Coachella Valley DUI Attorney

Missed Part 3? Read it here

In fact, we saw all of the same police activity in 2018 that we have seen in the previous 10 years of Coachella Fest.

The cops aren’t getting any sharper on their game, so you need to!

You should heed all of the tips we gave you last year as to how to NOT get arrested for drug possession at the festival…don’t make any weird or unusual hand movements that look like you are moving some small item from one part of your person or clothing to another part and don’t hand to or receive from someone else any drugs when you are out in the open either inside the entrance gate or just outside it or even in the campgrounds and parking lots. That person nearby or in visual range who looks like just some bum or just a party person may actually be a bum cop or a partying cop! You won’t know until they swoop down on you to search and arrest you.

So, if you need to move something from one place to another on your person, go into a bathroom stall/portable potty to do it. If you need to hand something to someone else, find a private location to do it or put the item in a large innocent looking container like a bag or a jacket that you can pass to the other person…but, don’t stash it in the container until you are out of view first.

So, what do you do if you get arrested, if you have already made some statement to the cops and it is too late to assert your 5th Amendment right to remain silent, then just be nice to the cops and cooperate with them to the extent that is necessary. You do not need to say anymore than to just answer their questions with short direct answers that only answer their questions. Don’t try to make it better for yourself by whining and crying or giving up information about where you got the dope, it won’t work and it won’t get you out of the arrest.

Once they have you and the evidence, they are going to go through with the arrest. So, just go along with their program at that point and they will let you go back into the festival once they have completed the arrest booking process.


You can give us a call at (760) 345-4777 or text me at (760) 898-9348 anytime.

Use those rights, and then call us. We will be working the weekends of Coachella Fest and StageCoach.

If you have questions, are getting hassled by the cops, need representation or just need to speak to someone about any related problem that you may have, call us immediately.


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Ignition Interlock Device Law – SB1046

The SB 1046 “Ignition Interlock Device” law that you need to know about.

California Marijuana laws 2018

You have probably heard that there are new California DUI laws coming in with the new year.

The one new law that is making the most news is the Ignition Interlock Device (SB 1046, Hill) law. An ignition interlock device is a breath machine that is
installed in your car by a state licensed and authorized provider. The machine is designed to NOT allow your car to start up until you blow into the machine
and register no alcohol in your breath. If alcohol is detected, your car won’t start.

The new law is scheduled to be in effect from January 1, 2019 to January 1, 2026. This law mandates that repeat offenders for driving under the influence
(DUI) and first time DUI offenders whose violations resulted in injury, must install an ignition interlock device (IID) for a period ranging from 12 to 48 months. This law also allows those who receive a suspension under the Administrative Per Se law (DMV action) to obtain an IID-restricted driving privilege, and receive credit toward their required IID restriction period if they are later convicted of a DUI. These provisions apply to DUI violations that involve alcohol or the combined use of alcohol and drugs. They do not apply to drug-only violations.

Additionally, courts have the discretion to order a non-injury first time DUI offender to install an IID for a period of up to 6 months. If the court does not order IID installation, a non-injury first time offender may voluntarily apply for a driver license with IID restrictions or restrictions that allow them to drive to, from, and during their employment and to and from a DUI treatment program for 12 months.

This new law was previously an IID pilot program in effect in Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Tulare counties for the past 2 years.

The new law applies only to arrests after 1/1/19.

Download .pdf
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Sexual Misconduct at Desert Ridge Academy

Attorney John Jimenez, representing the civil attorney on a sexual misconduct case, speaks to reporter Sarah Trott with KESQ/CBS. Music teacher Ruben Flores at Desert Ridge Academy has been arrested on 9 felony counts including having sex with a 14 year old female student. The students mother discovered seemingly inappropriate text messages on her daughter’s phone from Flores and the teacher has since been put on administrative leave.

“Parents need to be always on the lookout for signs…”

Jimenez suggested that teacher to student communication take place on an app that can be monitored by the district if they need to text. A claim has been made against the Desert Sands Unified School District.

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Arrested at Coachella Fest

Arrested at Coachella Fest

Missed Our Series on Coachella Fest and the Cops? Read it here

COACHELLA FEST 2018 ARRESTEES! If you were arrested for misdemeanor drug possession at Coachella, you were given a citation with an August court date on the bottom of the citation. You or an attorney that you hire must appear in court that date. The ABC cops probably told you that you can wait for a letter in the mail telling you if you have to go to court or not. THEY WERE LYING TO YOU! No one will get a letter in the mail from the court or DA. If you wait for that and no one appears in court for you when your case is called, a warrant for your arrest will be issued.

Call us now at (760) 345-4777 for more details.

Use those rights, and then call us. We will be working the weekends of CoachellaFest and StageCoach. You can give us a call at (760) 345-4777 or text me at (760) 898-9348 anytime on one of those weekends or anytime before or after those weekends if you have questions, are getting hassled by the cops, need representation or just need to speak to someone about any related problem that you may have.


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Coachella Music Festivals, You and the Cops, Part 3

CoachellaFest and the CopsMissed Part 2? Read it here

Coachella Fest is just a few weeks away now!

You’ve got your tickets. You know which friends you will be going with and where you will be staying for the weekend.

If you have been reading the earlier blogs here, you know we are warning you about how to avoid being arrested. But, what do you do if you are arrested.

If you are approached by the police, unless you are being “detained” or you are under “arrest”, you should ignore the police and walk away from them.


Because if they approach you and try to talk to you and ask you questions, they do NOT have probable cause to detain or arrest you. If they are detaining or arresting you, they will tell you that you are being detained or arrested. They will engage you in conversation to try to get you to say something wrong that will give them probable cause to detain or arrest you. (What is the difference between a detention and an arrest? A detention is when they have probable cause to think something is unlawful, but, they want to know more. They can keep you from leaving while they investigate to find out more.)

If you are NOT being detained or arrested, you have the RIGHT to walk away.

If you are detained or arrested, you can not walk away. But, you do NOT have to answer any questions or say any more than to identify yourself. Do NOT say any more than to give your name and show them your identification.

No matter what the cop says to you, do NOT talk about anything other than your name. They can lie to you to get you to talk…and they will. They will say they are going to let you go if you talk and give up your dope. They will be lying! You can remain silent during the rest of the arrest process. They will take your photo and fingerprints, give you a misdemeanor citation (if it is simple possession of drugs) and then they will release you to go into the event.

It will NOT go better for you if you talk or voluntarily give up your drugs to them.

Most of the searches and seizures that have resulted in arrests at prior festivals have come from unlawful searches and seizures that became legal searches and seizures because our clients talked to the cops and either gave them consent or permission to search them or they just gave up their drugs to the cops when the cops asked for them.

So, don’t become one of those people.


Use those rights, and then call us. We will be working the weekends of CoachellaFest and StageCoach. You can give us a call at (760) 345-4777 or text me at (760) 898-9348 anytime on one of those weekends or anytime before or after those weekends if you have questions, are getting hassled by the cops, need representation or just need to speak to someone about any related problem that you may have.


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Coachella Music Festivals, You and the Cops, Part 2

Coachella Fest and the CopsMissed Part 1? Read that first

So, you want to go to Coachella Fest this year, look cool as you cruise the playground and stay out of trouble. How do you do that?

The clothes you wear to the festival won’t identify you as someone who is using or possessing drugs (unless you go dressed as Superfly! Oh, too young to know who that is? Google it!). So, look the way you want to look. You do not need to go out and buy yourself festival stash underwear or belts (Google that too!) to hide your dope in. That won’t help. It is not where you have your drugs stashed on you…it is HOW and WHEN you remove those drugs from wherever you have them, to stash them someplace else, to use them or to hand them off to someone else that may be the problem.

The cops generally are not just randomly going up to people (male or female) and searching them or asking if they have dope on them. They are watching for any furtive hand movements that may indicate someone is moving their drugs from one place on their person to another place on their person or giving them to another person. The cops know from experience that most people believe that once they have gotten past some security point that they were concerned about (entrance gate, security check, etc.) or they have gotten to a safe place, that they can now relax and let their guard down (personal possession lockers, behind a tree, in a circle of friends, etc.). Many people then believe that they are able to safely grab their stash and do something with it.

So, break the cops of that belief and don’t grab your stash until you are truly in a safe location that is out of view of anyone else…like a bathroom stall / port-a-potty. Many of the arrests we have seen the past few years have taken place at the locations we mention: after one goes through a security check or a security gate and at the lockers.

The cops are waiting inside the gates and by the lockers that you can rent for yourself watching to see who is going to grab their stash. You may think no one is watching. But, if you are visible to others, you are being watched.

IF FOR SOME REASON A COP does come up to you and ask you what you just took out of your pants or what’s in your hand or what did you just hand to your friend, do not answer them! You have no legal duty to answer a cop’s questions. If in fact you are holding an illegal substance on your person, it is best to play the straight legal angle and stand on your 5th Amendment right to remain silent. Chances are, if you are reading this, you have never been in trouble before and have never been hassled by cops before. That’s okay. Now is the time to start being a real adult and exercising your Constitutional Rights.

The cops may search you anyway. But, they will be doing it illegally and it will get thrown out of court if the cops are truthful about you standing on your 5th Amendment rights. Most arrests we see are a result of people answering the cops when they are questioned by them. If you are not under arrest or being lawfully detained because you are suspected of committing an actual crime, (and seeing you grab some unidentified item from your pants is not reasonable suspicion of a crime) you can just walk away from the cops if they start questioning you. If they stop you from walking away, you are under arrest. Again, if you actually are in possession of a controlled substance, you are going to be arrested anyway. So, make them work for it!

And, yes, up to 1 oz. of marijuana is legal to possess in California.

BUT, it is NOT legal to smoke or ingest it in anyway in public…a music festival is a public place!

Next edition will tell you what to do and say (or not say) while in police custody.

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Coachella Music Festivals, You and the Cops

We have become very knowledgeable about how and why people get arrested at Coachella Fest, Stagecoach and all other music festivals that are now almost year round in the Coachella Valley, California.

Over the past nine years, we have represented hundreds of people who have been arrested for various offenses such as felony sale and possession for sale of drugs, misdemeanor drug possession, assault, battery, possession of fake ID’s, minors in possession of alcohol, furnishing alcohol to a minor and the unlawful use of someone else’s handicap permit, which is in fact, a misdemeanor offense.

If you read this, you may avoid detection and arrest for any public offense that law enforcement (LE) believes you may have committed at these music festivals.

We have taken our years of research into why and how our numerous clients have been arrested at various Coachella music festivals and summarized it into various generalizations that may seem to be obvious to you when you read about them in the written word. But, they were not so obvious to the people who were actually arrested for assorted drug, alcohol and identification offenses. And, they won’t be obvious to you either when you are out partying, if you have not read our blog.

UNDERSTAND that the promoters of Coachella music festivals don’t care how many people get arrested at their events. So, if you are thinking that they are going to discourage a heavy law enforcement presence to keep their customers happy, you are wrong.

The promoters not only encourage the LE presence, they pay an extra fee to the local city and county governments and to the State of California for the cops to be there. Think about it…overtime pay for the cop’s summer vacation is always a welcomed bonus for the government. The promoters want to make them happy.

LOCATION is another commonly misunderstood factor that you need to consider. Yes, Coachella is out in the middle of nowhere, almost like Burning Man or Bonnaroo. But, unlike those festivals, Coachella is in Riverside County, California…one of the most law enforcement oriented counties in the state and country (yes, Riverside County has the highest rate of sending people to Death Row than any other county in the country).

COPS WILL BE THERE at the event you go to.

How many, and how will you know who they are?

There will be hundreds and some will be in uniform, but most will be undercover trying to blend in to the crowd. This is a critical point that you should understand…you will not easily be able to identify who the undercover cops are. The promoter of the music festivals contracts with the California Alcohol Beverage Control Department (ABC) to provide their undercover cops at the festivals. So, these are not people that are usually out on the streets in patrol cars. These are people who walk around the festivals in bikini tops (females), torn jeans and generally looking just as fun-loving as the next festival goer. They may appear to be alone at times, but there are always other ones watching the one who may approach you.

Do NOT trust anyone by the way they look. Do they have to tell you they are a cop if you ask them if they are? NO, they do not. The law says that cops can lie to you to get you to incriminate yourself. Can they ingest drugs to get you to believe they are cool? Sure they can. So, we advise that you NOT give away or sell any drugs or alcohol to anyone that you meet for the first time at a music festival.

Watch for our next blog that will tell you how to act when you get to the festival to best avoid an arrest, and what to do and say if you are arrested.

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California Marijuana Laws 2018 [infographic]

The top 7 California Marijuana laws that you need to know.

There is a lot of misformation about the California Marijuana Law that will be in affect soon. We conducted a survey to find out what laws people care about most. Below were at the top of the list.

California Marijuana laws 2018
Download Infographic
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Palm Springs Life Top Lawyers 2017

Palm Springs Top Lawyers 2017 - Criminal Defense Category

“Criminal Defense” Category

Attorneys John Jimenez and Jessica Jimenez are honored to have been awarded the title of Top Lawyers in Palm Springs for 2017. They will be listed in the Top Lawyers issue of Palm Springs Life Magazine later this month in the Criminal Defense category. A private reception will be held on June 22nd at Coda Gallery on El Paseo in Palm Desert.

Since arriving in the Coachella Valley from San Diego, John Jimenez has been named among the Top Lawyers in Palm Springs 9 consecutive times.


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Competency of Murder Suspect John Hernandez Felix

26yr. old convicted felon John Hernandez Felix is on trial for the murder of 2 Palm Springs police officers Lesley Zerebny and Jose “Gil” Vega, 63. He is charged with two counts of first-degree murder with the special circumstances and murder of a police officer in the line of duty.

After a preliminary hearing, the suspects understanding of the court proceedings is in question. Future hearings have been pushed back and a court appointed psychiatrist has been assigned.

Watch the local KMIR segment below as John Jimenez explains the procedure for suspending court proceedings based on a person’s competency.

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