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DUI Defense

An arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in California means not only going to criminal court, but in almost all cases, it means facing the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in order to keep your driver’s license from being suspended. It is very important to immediately contact a lawyer when you first get arrested for a DUI, because you have ten (10) days from the date you were arrested, to request a DMV hearing. This prevents your driver’s license from being automatically suspended. If you don’t request the hearing, your license will automatically be suspended for at least 30 days.

We can meet with you immediately, and contact the DMV on your behalf to demand a DMV hearing be set in your case. You will be able to legally drive pending the outcome of the DMV hearing.

At Jimenez Law Offices, we start every case assuming our client is innocent until proven otherwise. We know what the district attorney must prove in a DUI, and we fight until each element is or is not proven. There is always an avenue we can explore in building your defense.

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