CoachellaFest and the CopsMissed Part 2? Read it here

Coachella Fest is just a few weeks away now!

You’ve got your tickets. You know which friends you will be going with and where you will be staying for the weekend.

If you have been reading the earlier blogs here, you know we are warning you about how to avoid being arrested. But, what do you do if you are arrested.

If you are approached by the police, unless you are being “detained” or you are under “arrest”, you should ignore the police and walk away from them.


Because if they approach you and try to talk to you and ask you questions, they do NOT have probable cause to detain or arrest you. If they are detaining or arresting you, they will tell you that you are being detained or arrested. They will engage you in conversation to try to get you to say something wrong that will give them probable cause to detain or arrest you. (What is the difference between a detention and an arrest? A detention is when they have probable cause to think something is unlawful, but, they want to know more. They can keep you from leaving while they investigate to find out more.)

If you are NOT being detained or arrested, you have the RIGHT to walk away.

If you are detained or arrested, you can not walk away. But, you do NOT have to answer any questions or say any more than to identify yourself. Do NOT say any more than to give your name and show them your identification.

No matter what the cop says to you, do NOT talk about anything other than your name. They can lie to you to get you to talk…and they will. They will say they are going to let you go if you talk and give up your dope. They will be lying! You can remain silent during the rest of the arrest process. They will take your photo and fingerprints, give you a misdemeanor citation (if it is simple possession of drugs) and then they will release you to go into the event.

It will NOT go better for you if you talk or voluntarily give up your drugs to them.

Most of the searches and seizures that have resulted in arrests at prior festivals have come from unlawful searches and seizures that became legal searches and seizures because our clients talked to the cops and either gave them consent or permission to search them or they just gave up their drugs to the cops when the cops asked for them.

So, don’t become one of those people.


Use those rights, and then call us. We will be working the weekends of CoachellaFest and StageCoach. You can give us a call at (760) 345-4777 or text me at (760) 898-9348 anytime on one of those weekends or anytime before or after those weekends if you have questions, are getting hassled by the cops, need representation or just need to speak to someone about any related problem that you may have.