“Extremely satisfied with the legal performance by Jessica Jimenez”

I am extremely satisfied with the legal performance provided by Jessica Jimenez and the Jimenez Law Group in general.

My case was handled with the professional expertise that one would expect when hiring an attorney. The end result was better than anticipated.

I would highly recommend Jessica Jimenez for legal assistance.

Jeffrey via Avvo.com

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“Jessica was able to convince DA office to not charge me…”

Mrs. Jessica Jimenez was able to convince DA office to not charge for me for public intoxication and have the DA office to make it official, by providing letter from their office so I can join the military. She was thorough in answering all my questions, options, and concerns. I was highly impressed how quickly she was able to produce the favorable outcome concerning my case. I’ve dealt with a few attorneys in the Palm Spring area and I can honestly say that there is no one I rather handle my legal matters.

Gualberto via Avvo.com

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“…most responsive attorney…”

“You are the nicest and most responsive attorney I have ever known. I feel like my daughter is in good hands. Thanks again for reassuring me. I am not just saying that. I have had experience with other attorneys. My husband was involved for many years in an estate settlement in Virginia and it was a mess and he was not pleased with the attorneys on the case. And I have been through a messy divorce and never felt so reassured in in such good hands (as yours). Thanks again for helping ease my concerns and just making yourself available. And yes, you can quote me on that.”

Deloris L., Springfield, Va.

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“A great lawyer and wonderful person.”

“When going through a difficult time, I would not have had anyone else represent me. John kept me informed at all times of my options, the progress of the case and how to handle the stress of the situation. A great lawyer and a wonderful person.”

Leah C., of Davis, CA.

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“…a sincere personal interest in his clients…”

“Attorney Jimenez has a sincere personal interest in his clients and has been very helpful to me in dealing with difficult legal situations. His thorough knowledge of diverse legal issues and calming demeanor have been invaluable to me.”

Barbara S., of Carlsbad, CA.

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“…the most effective and knowledgable attorney by far.”

“I have had the opportunity to work with other attorneys, and interview other attorneys. Mr. Jimenez is the most effective and knowledgeable attorney by far. He treated my case with great empathy, and his passion for the law and how he could make it work for me is what makes him and his firm the best. I would never work with anyone else again!”

Darlene B., Scottsdale, Arizona

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