Attorney questions impact of MADD

Attorney questions impact of MADD

By Rocky Rushing

Valley Center teenager Timothy Piceno was flanked by his mother and lawyer as he made his way through a crowd that packed the courtroom to see him sentenced for the drunken driving death of an Oceanside man.

“I don’t think there is an influence by MADD showing up in court,” said Superior Court Judge Tony Maino, “But sure, there is always the potential.”

… But Deputy Public Defender John Jimenez, one of the groups strongest critics in this area, said he is conducting research that could show MADD’s influence on the district attorney’s office.

“I have total sympathy with citizens who despise drunk driving,” Jimenez said, “however, it is unfortunate that people who have lost loved ones vent their anger in a courtroom rather than a psychiatrist’s office.”





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